Thursday, 23 July 2015

A non traditional death

Proof that social media can be fun came along the other day when I bumped into the splendid Sean Walter online who was looking for a 'non-traditional death'. Once I'd been persuaded to put the egg whisk and balloons safely away again, I established that what he actually wanted was an illustration to go with a new short story he was working on. 

Sean himself
Now as this is a new project I have nothing to show yet besides an interesting google search history but I'm so excited to be working with Sean that I thought you should meet him too :) You can follow Seans work as it develops through his Patreon page or grab a copy of his current collection on Amazon.

Seans current short story collection.
Our first collaboration will be available online and if I get copies printed fast enough, will be coming with me to this years Dark Arts exhibition in October. Exciting stuff ! Naturally, we've already got bigger plans and I hope to be bringing you more news of what we've been up to very shortly. No balloons...