Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Remember K'wi ? He used to be in my art shop gracing greeting cards.  He's a funny little object, with his soft body and curved beak and like most of my monsters, has become a permanent part of the family.

So much so in fact that Rich has made one :) He started with a wire frame covered with plaster bandage then papier mache painted in acrylic with a clear layer on top. His beak and claws are black enamel and his bristles black plastic.

 He's amazingly detailed, from the wrinkles in his skin to the texture of his claws.

 We also had an awful lot of fun setting up his very own photo shoot showing K'wi in his natural habitat, complete with ferns and a pool...

 K'wi is now available to buy along with other friends over on our other Etsy shop here.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Original and affordable

Just a quick post today because I wanted to share something you might like :) I've just signed up to a fantastic site that showcases original art from UK artists - and everything is under £100.00 !

For the artists out there - you get a free months trial with up to 12 images in your gallery, after that it's just £20.00 a year. No commission - it's basically an online exhibition with simple links to contact the artists or visit their website to buy.

I decided this would be the perfect place to advertise my new series of small studies- I do a lot of these when larger pieces are not cooperating. From a buyers point of view, the site is crisp, easy to navigate and gives just enough information about a piece without being full of unnecessary waffle. Brilliant :)

You can check out my page here