Monday, 23 April 2012

Welcome :)

 Come on in :) This is my new blog where I will be sharing my adventures artistic and otherwise from my roost in Scarborough. I'm lucky to have just moved to a flat under the eaves of an old townhouse with fantastic views of the castle and the south bay.

I work primarily in charcoal pencil on watercolour paper- Fabriano Artistico extra white being my favourite. I'm fascinated with detail - textures, reflections and have recently embarked on a new series of mini pictures like the mantis above to see just how much expression I can pack into a small space.


 When not at my drawing table I'm usually out walking the beaches here- love big skies and I find it helps order my thoughts so I try and get out every day. Something I think is especially important if your work involves sitting down a lot.

This blog will be a mix of artwork, technical tips and the real art of surviving being an artist in the first place :) 

See you again soon,

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