Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Unveiling the snail....

In case you've not been following my progress on Facebook, the snail is now done and up for sale in my Etsy shop :)

 This is my drawing space- under the Dormer window in my flat. Great light coming from three sides- what more could an artist ask for?

 I was working in charcoal pencil again which obviously smudges very easily so I use a wooden bridge attached to my board so my hand doesn't touch the paper.

 For the same reason, being right handed, I start in the top left hand corner and work away from the area I've already completed.

It took me nine hours from start to finish- I'm quite pleased with the result, my first snail and a challenge both because of the skin texture and the fact that as a macro close-up, some areas were out of focus. I added just enough of the foreground to set off the very pale area under his mouth and put the finished piece away before I started faffing with it :)


  1. This is amazing! I absolutely love it. The detail and textures you captured are so wonderful!