Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Going, going....gone :)

 This has been a good week for my Etsy shop- six pictures went over the weekend including this trio of figure studies I had listed. These had been in my studio for a couple of years now and I'd debated what to do with them. I was really pleased with them at the time but like many artists, my style has changed a lot and they just didn't fit.

 I decided to put them on at a lower price to distinguish them from my newer, more detailed work hoping this would entice someone to give them a good home - and it worked. Though I haven't made a huge profit, I have now cleared quite a bit of storage space for new pieces I'm working on and I've been able to invest in more frames etc.

 These were among the first images I did in charcoal pencil, worked on Daler Rowney textured watercolour paper which doesn't allow for very fine detail but adds a lovely finish.

I won't be repeating these as I rarely do figure work these days, and I now use a smooth hot pressed paper but it's nice to know they'll still be around on someones' wall, making me and the customer happy :)

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