Monday, 24 December 2012

Baubles !

 It may come as a surprise to some but goths do Christmas too - complete with tree (and no, it's not black). We even added some shiny silver baubles, not that they stayed on there for long....
 Those who read our last post know we've made a model Stephen using, amongst other things, some of our tree decorations. But where, you wanted to know, were his baubles ?

To get the range of movement we needed in his shoulders we needed ball and socket joints - we could have bought them online but having come up with the idea of making a Stephen, naturally we wanted to play with it now and couldn't wait that long.

 We had a bag of black plastic beads left over from making bookmarks and some tubing that would fit into that to make our ball- but what to use for the socket? It turned out that the little collar with the hanging loop on top of our baubles was just the right size- and joy of joys, they simply pop off !

 We cut a small section of tubing and glued it into the hole in the bead. Rich cut a hole in the top of the collar and threaded the ball part through post first to complete the set.

 The collar was then glued into a hole cut into the main body, making sure not to get any adhesive on moving parts ...

When that had set, the post was covered in glue and slotted into a hole drilled in each of the limbs. Then we had to wait impatiently for the whole thing to dry before we could play with it :)

The first model was such a success and has already been useful in setting up drawings that we then made a hand to scale for him. Of course, that did mean going to buy another tub of baubles......


  1. *blinks* ooo that's ingenious. and slightly insane.
    the fingers are fixed or are all joints flexible?
    TootHillMedley Lois
    (feeling very ill but so intrigued I had to come look)

  2. The fingers do move- those other joints are wired so they hinge - it's currently gripping the side of my easel :)