Monday, 1 July 2013

Snails for all :)

 This week has been a very exciting one for me - I received my very first professional prints of three of my original drawings. I've been looking for months at various printers, choosing papers and getting test prints done before finally settling on the combination that I felt would give the best result across the board.

 I went for Hahnemuhle paper as it has a beautiful smooth white surface similar to the paper I draw on. It also holds black incredibly well so the prints are crisp and dramatic without losing any of the detail in the original.

 I had the snail and the hermit crab done as a set since they are the most popular images in my shop, along with Stephen. I'm currently working on a matched pair of landcape images which I think will be next up. 

It's taken a lot of pressure off work wise because my shop no longer empties out alarmingly every time someone buys a few things and with greeting cards coming soon I can offer something for every pocket :)

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