Monday, 24 November 2014

Flying out of the door

 I recently showed my work at the Dark Arts exhibition here in Whitby. I sold a couple of crows as expected - they're a nice size for presents - and thought I should print off some more photos to work from so I could restock my Etsy shop. 

jackdaw charcoal drawing

 At which point, someone found my shop and bought a couple for their new home. Another customer came along and swiped a pair for themselves. I dug out all the paper I had and got stuck in.

crow drawing in progress
The first Etsy buyer then came back to say they'd spotted a couple in my sold listings and could I redo them ? No problem I said and added those two to the pile. I caught up and listed another two new ones...which promptly sold. Followed by another two :)

crow pencil drawing
By the end of the second week, I had one crow left in stock and ran out of paper ! So, guess what I'm doing this week - crows anyone ?

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