Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Little shop of hoppers

 This week we're proud to announce the opening of a new shop ! For some time I've been working with my partner Rich on ideas for puppets but things kept getting in the way. As tends to be the case, it was something largely unrelated that actually got the ball rolling. It may not come as much of a surprise to those of you who follow this blog that I sometimes have trouble sleeping. We bought in some hops to make a sleep pillow for me which in turn inspired us to have a bit of a play with some scraps of fabric to make little night-time companions.

 We've made up a few using rose petals and lavender as well as the hops to get the shop started. This being us, there's a nod to primitive folk art dolls which are both fascinating and a little disturbing :) We've deliberately made them a little rough and ready so they have character.

 Of course, once we had the toy box out we couldn't just stop there....Rich has discovered he has quite a talent for soft sculpture so we've just listed the rather kindly Old Man Burlap, complete with beard and staff.

In fact we've had so much fun we have had to rearrange the flat to give us and our new friends some room :) We hope to bring you working puppets in the new year so watch this space !

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